Property Bank

Property Bank is an online system that you can easily manage sales and lease or rent your property. Redistribute them among companies in your holding or perform activities of fund agricultural land and find and offer property of other companies. Interested buyers, lessees and tenants can easily make a deal for the selected property, and later if they wish to take on the role of providers of the same or other property.

Property Bank makes easy buying and selling, hiring and renting multiple properties at once under specific conditions, as well as remote control of these processes without risk of technical errors.

Property Bank provides the ability to manage all transactions with agricultural land.

The system is compatible with the software and registers of state administration, which further eases management activities of properties. Solve problems with tracking the conversion of agricultural land, their inheritance and subletting their use.

This online brokerage system differs in that it is compatible with the software systems used by owners and users of real estate and allow easy data exchange between systems.